Seal-It Insulation Systems

We have been in the business of spraying plural component foam insulation for over 13 years. In that time, equipment has come and gone, we’ve used several types of guns and started with the old model Gusmer H2000 proportioner and Probler guns. They seemed fine and down time was minimal; the Gusmer was, and still is, a work horse of a machine!!

As we expanded, we bought 2 Graco E-30’s and have used them for the bulk of the spraying. During my time with that company as operations manager, I could not believe the amount of problems that cropped up with the Graco E-30s!!. Heater boards have had to be replaced 4 times!! The first time we were only 3 weeks out of warranty! Graco told us there was nothing they could do but sell us a new heater board to the tune of $700 dollars!; three times we paid that price to replace those boards!! Obviously, they are in the business of making money on replacement parts!!!

Further, there were constant problems with hose heat and all the connections on the Graco hoses. The white plastic connectors are junk and give out after normal use in a very short amount of time. I got to the point that I cut off every connection and hard wired (with solder) each one – plus ran the FTS wire in one piece up to the probe. Problems solved!!! Once I decided to buy this company, I made it my job to find better equipment for our company! ; we needed to find equipment that was easy to repair – if needed – and more reliable all around! I can tell you that I found all that, and more, with 21st JMT !! Tim Shocksnider, one of the original engineers behind the Gusmer program “get’s it”!!! Seems Tim got fed up with the ways of Graco as well and went out on his own to design, manufacture and sell his own plural component pumping systems. Tim has hit a home run in all cases!!

We bought his newest and best pump with the larger motor, all hydraulically driven, with electrical components that can be purchased off most electrical supply house shelves! This machine has been in service for many months, working every day ALL day with NO DOWN TIME AT ALL!!!! If you know this business, you know what down time can cost. Between time NOT spraying and time just trouble shooting, HOURS are wasted!! TIME IS MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

IF you want your machines to work FOR YOU rather than the other way around, go see Tim; he is an honest, ethical man that is fed up with equipment that doesn’t work! He has designed wonderful equipment and accessories that will keep you UP AND RUNNING – don’t take his word for it, call me anytime! I make money with his machines EVERY DAY !!!

- John Bryer

Vermont Foam Insulation, Inc.

I would like to take the opportunity to offer a formal letter of recommendation for 21st JMT plural component proportioners and the company owner, Tim Shocksneider. As proprietor of Vermont Foam Insulation, Inc and a customer of Mr. Shocksneider I can say without reservation that choosing 21st JMT is one of the best business decisions I have made.

After considerable problems with our previous reactor, we decided to use 21st JMT. Since doing so, production at Vermont Foam has on average doubled. What once would require two days of work now takes one day. This has given Vermont Foam a huge competitive edge. It has also boosted our confidence in machine reliability and has provided us with the unique quality of meeting any type of scheduling demand.

It is all of the little things that make the biggest differences. This Machine will jogg a ½ lb. Foam up to temp in 15 minutes or less. With 3 men waiting on the machine to start work we’re saving on average of 2.5 man-hours every time we change sets. This is critical when dealing with multiple set projects.

When dealing with 2 lb. foam it used to be that the machine had trouble keeping up with the sprayer. Now we’re looking for sprayers that can keep up with it. One could never out spray a 21 JMT.

Furthermore, Mr. Shocksneider’s professionalism in providing technical support and service has been exceptional. In the rare circumstance of downtime, Mr. Shocksneider is there to help. It is clear that Mr. Shocksneider understands the power of superior quality products and service. The old days of being lost in a maze of wires and complicated motherboards are over.

Vermont Foam Insulation will continue to do business with 21st JMT. I highly recommend Mr. Shocksneider and his proportioners to others in the business.

- Joe Thompson

Fabriform Plastics

On behalf of everyone involved at Fabriform Plastics I want to thank you very much for the time and expertise extended to us recently. To me it was quite remarkable that through the e-mailing of schematic documents and a cell phone next to the machine you were able to guide us through a control panel diagnosis in relatively short order. We tried other people on both coasts who reviewed the machine and you were the only one who knew what to do. It saved our program and our RIM machine has not skipped a beat since. Needless to say, Fabriform Plastics will be happy to do business with you again anytime.

You are a credit to your field. Good luck with your business; you deserve it.

- Jim

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